The Carbone Cancer Center at the University of Wisconsin and the Forward Lymphoma research initiative knows that the cure for cancer is not going to come from one person. Team science is going to be the way we cure cancer and Dr. Brad Kahl, the director of the lymphoma service at the Carbone Cancer Center is leading the charge.

Demonstrating team science in action, Dr. Kahl assembled world-class scientists from the Carbone Cancer Center, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Mayo Clinic, and the BC Cancer Agency to apply for a grant from the Lymphoma Research Foundation. Dr. Kahl contributed $215,000 in Forward Lymphoma donations to complement the $450,000 grant to study the responsiveness of the Rituximab, a drug used for patients with follicular lymphoma.

By assembling some of the most reputable lymphoma investigators in the world and leveraging donations to the Forward Lymphoma research initiative, Dr. Kahl is practicing team science and it's going to cure cancer.

Tracking ahead and need your help.

The current strength of Forward Lymphoma projects is represented in the conversion of your $1.00 donated to $12.60 in additional grant funding. The future strength of Forward Lymphoma is represented by projects, funded by your donations, that have been submitted for grant funding and are awaiting approval. These projects are tracking significantly ahead of current rates demonstrating that for every $1.00 donated to Forward Lymphoma, there is the potential for $29.22 in additional grant funding.

Donations to Forward Lymphoma continue to make team science possible and investments made in finding a cure are demonstrating success. Dr. Kahl continues to aggressively pursue new team projects and he needs your help to start the next one. Forward Lymphoma has established a $50,000 target to fund the next lymphoma research project. These projects generate critical information that is used to prove to funding agencies that grants are needed to continue gaining traction to find the cure for lymphoma.

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